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Set it and forget it payment plans for busy business owners.
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Running a business is hard.
Getting paid shouldn't be.

With PayKit, you can offer your clients and customers the ability to split large purchases into multiple automated payments, quickly and easily.

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More Money Per Client.

Help on-the-fence clients and customers take the leap in buying your product or service with simple, automated payment plans.

work on your business. not in it.

Set it. Profit. Forget it.

Never chase down a payment or worry about processing client payments again. Go work on your business, we'll help you get paid.

get in. get out. get on with your life.

It's blazing fast.

Just enter the total due, choose a payment schedule, drop in your customer's info and... well... that's it. We'll handle running the payments for you and your money will be deposited directly into your account (without a penny paid in commissions).

It's Your Money, You Keep It.

No Commissions. No hidden fees. No funny business.

do one thing. do it freaking awesome.

Shamelessly Simple.

Looking for bells and whistles and every knob and button available? Look elsewhere. PayKit was built from day one to be lean and mean, focusing solely on helping busy business owners get paid for their work.

sleep peacefully

Rock Solid Security.

PayKit uses Stripe, an industry leader in payment processing, to process all of your payments. So, sleep peacefully knowing you've got the best of the best making sure your payments are secure and reliable.

let's keep things simple

Starting at $5/month

You read that right. PayKit costs as little as $5/month plus the same credit card processing fees you'll spend anywhere (2.9% + 30 cents/transaction).
No commissions. No hidden fees. No, really.

5 minutes. 5 bucks.

That's all you need to start your first payment plan with PayKit.